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tv   [untitled]    July 22, 2011 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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the. markets long enough to. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the country reports on. a massive explosion shops is the center of the norwegian capital although damaging the prime minister's headquarters reports say one dad and at least eight said he told. e.u. leaders agreeing on a second bailout for greece spog fears over the union delving deeper into debt with experts predicting it's now up to growing economies to dominate global finance its . skepticism over joining the e.u. in serbia the skies officials moving the rest important logic cues just the natural talents the hegel's kolkata belgrade's road to membership. and
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a fair scandal is just a simple sense a americans always have muddled phrases unself a legal battle in the us where people feel the pace is yet more proof of widespread neglect rights to privacy. also as the euphoria over the greek bailout of fades away russia's markets and the week on they pull out negative makes no more and in twenty minutes our. very warm welcome to this is the live from moscow all top story this hour noise counted laws lays been hit by a powerful explosion and the very center of the city damaging carmencita buildings including the prime minister's office on pension interventions from day one to instigate injured witnesses say dozens in line. the streets covered in blood the
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prime minister says dumping bag is said to be safe and preliminary records suggest it was a car bomb the some sources say the explosion took place inside the building of norway's biggest tabloid newspaper the gene the blast was so powerful that it smashed all the windows in the. building where this is the say the nearby blue ministry building has a quick fire with thick smoke seen coming up from the floor all summer pools of death the blast was followed by a second police evacuating surrounding buildings and searching the area for more explosives will to follow the developments all of the story as our twitter feeds at our c underscore dot com. it's ok i will just remind you of our top story this hour here
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on r.t. . we're getting reports of a major explosion. rocks in all capital all slow one person is reported to be dead and at least eight inches burgo witnesses saying that dozens are actually lining the streets accompanied in blood however prime minister jens stoltenberg is said to be safe and of course this explosion did take place just outside his building but eliminate a record suggests that it was a car bomb but some sources as say the explosion took place inside the building of norway's biggest tabloid newspaper the deal with the class was so powerful that it smashed all of the windows in the seventeen story building where this is a saying this so the nearby the oil ministry building has caught fire with fixed major care seem to becoming
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a problem the banking business. of course you updated on this story as we continue to get the details here harty. major u.s. credit agency says it will downgrade the greek debt default status as a result of the second bailout for the country the plan agreed by e.u. leaders includes both governments and private loans are totaling around a hundred and fifty billion euros well the move has boosted the single currency for now but critics say it's only plunging the struggling areas a into an even deeper debt hole artists and the bush will have the details now from brussels. they're putting a brave face on it question remains how much can we believe what they're saying all the germans have come out jungle merkel same is a significant step this. is the good for europe as a whole and good for germany and that is. a historic duty she said she would to
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brisk greece now we've seen that. being convinced that europe will emerge stronger from this crisis she did a few minutes there was a. solution to this and it will take successive difficult and different steps to fill the crisis european stock markets have rallied on the news that is the usual reaction because they lost around the week before slipping. fishies pledge as you say to work to bring greece is the level to default is the strengthening calls here for a new european credit rating agency but the real problem of course is that it doesn't tackle the issue of the unsustainable some call it that. eurozone states so greece people protesting against the really very painful cuts that are being imposed on it just last week it's really posed a very difficult package which has been met with fury by the italian people who are
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threatening all sorts of very difficult very initial reaction from them and called the problem is that the quits when he. proposed which were rejected by that country's parliament and there are fears that spain will be next so a lot of concerns around europe but the experts here are stressing that the rest of the world continue to go all in and countries like india china even latin america will continue perhaps to take the growth of the world economy on its own shoulders and really help to compensate for the problems here in europe something that is really being stressed increasingly by analysts here in brussels. well mark farber founder of gloom and doom reports he's now intolerances that failure of european economy would not mean the end of the financial world yes there are big markets for markets that are not growing the great. emerging economies are growing very
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rapidly export markets are like you're not going to american country through. round and of course freak european middle east and so i don't think this is in your results truth. if you read through. were always the case no were you think about all stories we're covering the question we're asking today is who wins most of the year a crisis all right now here's how opinions divided on the topic the majority of us sure it will be george soros and his financial cronies who will greet the rewards of the troubles while the fish if you believe china will cash in by buying our outrageously cheap assets now more of you think the south of the u.s. wins most it's a man for it spawns timing either never and only three percent think that the european debt is themselves come out on top as they can now get away with paying less will do log on to article called to have
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a go or sale the issue. media mogul rupert murdoch seems to have calmed through the u.k. parliamentary hearings on the phone hacking scandal relatively unscathed but he now faces legal challenges in the u.s. with a frenzy over his employees on ethical behavior is taking a different turn many americans say the embattled media empire has done nothing more than reflect national data sheets that no longer valued people's privacy he's gonna just you can has the story. as the scandal over phone hacking by the murdoch media empire rages on the public and political theory has mainly focused on ruthless tabloids out of control prepared to invade people's private lives and even the dad to get the story but some say in this day and age the whole concept of privacy is falling apart and in the u.s. more rapidly than elsewhere every time you tap on your cell or click on google or
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use your mail service everybody's sort of just clicks through that you agree to our terms and conditions well those terms and conditions are very very heavily weighted against you and your privacy interests and we see you breaches of privacy happening by corporations all across america all across the world really in every sector surveillance is rampant but really this is all a microcosm of biggest surveille are all which is to say there's little americans can do with the state having sweeping access to their private information access that followed the nine eleven terrorist attacks under a new law known as the patriot act asana law his privacy was taken away from him in two thousand and two when he was the tank by the f.b.i. for absolutely no reason he says and scrutinized for months without charge he's response for nine years he has voluntarily documented nearly every waking hour of his life on the web he has subsequently even turned it into
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a form of art seal the toilet i've used so you know that over here for example you know that on sunday november twenty fourth of two thousand and seven i would use this term of i went grocery shopping at safeway over there and there were seventeen i got gas over here he posts copies of every debit card transaction so you can see what he bought where and when a g.p.s. device in his pocket reports his real time visit a location on a map and this is the shot he took on his way to our studio which was immediately out floated on his web site has. says he's extraordinary advantage of his own privacy stems from the ignorance of the authorities but in the fear they decided well that guy looks a little different so he must be arab and if he's arab then he must have explosives everyone knows that that's a logical robbery and we we realize how ridiculous that logic sounds but when your country when your own country takes that on as the basis for national policy. ignorance as the basis of national policy is
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a pretty scary situation. and that's how i got caught up for a hot sun privacy has become a rally of the past and he says he's not surprised that journalists or anyone else really would use the same surveillance tactics as the state in that sense it might be of no surprise that the chief architect of good putrid act the lawyer who put it together happens to be one of murdoch's hands used for board directors you served as assistant attorney general in the bush administration and was described by some as the provider of the most sweeping curtailment of freedom in the u.s. since the mccarthy era at a time when corporations and the government can easily hack into people's private lives it doesn't come as a surprise when for example social networks give your personal information and companies or when other industries leave breaching the privacy in the u.s. it's so widespread and people have gotten so used to it that rupert murdoch seems to be perfect part of the system rather than some special bill and with corporation
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has been undertaking some unique all lawful practices because here in america they're not so unique i'm going to check our reporting from washington r.t. . and all the operations the list the sunken the pleasure boat area and russia senate republican types of stone has run into difficulty the salvage team did bunny's to raise part of the ship to the surface briefly but it immediately stepped from his harness and sank into the water again the accident on the shoulder of a happened always to groups ago when the pleasure boat went down in minutes stranding one hundred fourteen passengers eight people are still unaccounted for it's hoped the recovered home still holds the missing bodies and may yet reveal all this is to water cools off as west posing accident in decades the operation has been suspended as engineers rebalance the lifting. analyses tom barton reports saying you can. you can always log on to r.t.
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dot com to recover the timeline of the tragedy and watch personally panels opposite by visiting to look at how the sunken bulger area looked to the rescue divers we have some exclusive footage there of course being uploaded by our correspondent on the scene of the. now serbia's last war crimes task that gordon hardage has been extradited to the hague officials in belgrade hope his capture and extradition will clear the way it's even the ship but first reports the politicians desire exceptions is not shared by the man on the street. the last of the war crime suspects wanted by the un is heading to the hague it's seen by many as the last obstacle to serbia now gaining easy membership some a skeptical that. the goal placed once again the government keeps.
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its fulfilling new demands are coming from brussels with people are not feeling any benefits from it there are actually feeling that things are becoming worse as a result of support for e.u. is dropping so there is a growing gap between the forty the borders and the government that stands and it will probably continue to be an official government poll just out shows support for membership among serbs at its lowest ever its nice surprise that when portugal italy and many more countries are now struggling for the people here no longer believe that the e.u. is going to be the answer to all their problems all show. many. things. besides. all.
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this is a disillusionment in serbia if the governments apparent willingness to bend over backwards to eat in mons so what could be next on the ease list but another major sticking point is thought to be serbia's failure to recognize breakaway cause of a belgrade val's that will never happen despite many member states pushing for exactly that present but it insists that serbia is moral and legal implications have now been fell's the song remains the same as led zeppelin says it. really hasn't changed has a chance to write a true. because i'm sure is the project for the rest of the car and had it for me it will have a major obstacle in its rates to even be there with its themes the way the thirtieth those it gets is part of the deal with the e.u. now he does serve the great. of
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a serving government we're going to any lengths to join the. filmmaker and scream i said. i think when a government says that the e.u. does not have an alternative it means that it should be attained at any cost and of course the recognition of course of all will be no exception to that even though it hasn't been said so directly by heads it has been said by lower ranking officials so i think the recognition course that will come as a next step and sadly i think. the people of serbia think they are powerless to stop that i think there are two types of people in serbia people who have illusions about the e.u. and people who are realistic about the e.u. those who have illusions about the e.u. think that the e.u. will solve all their problems most of them are hopeless to begin with and are looking for any sort of way out of their situation and they completely ignore was happening in greece what's happening in portugal spain cetera et cetera and then
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there is a second group of people who i think is the majority in serbia who are realistic who know there is no quick fix to the situation in serbia and know that joining the european union at this point would be like being on a sailboat you know on the ocean trying to board a titanic. well we're all married twenty four seven but there are always more stories to be found on our website auntie dot com here's a sneak preview of what lies in store for the. sewing group of course of politicians the most they can be a messy business especially this glamorous a group of women who put on the high heels and very long time to watch dozens of russian made cars and they do it all in the name of heaven love of prime minister also. amazing pictures of russian car size performing tricks like you've never seen before more of that fabulous air quine starts just a click away at our online galleries find them at aussie dot com.
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now three photojournalists accuser best real knowledge in georgia have free after being convicted in court and then given suspended sentences well they initially denied accusations that they've passed secrets about georgia's president mikheil saakashvili to russia but later signed confessions one of them even went on a two day hunger strike in another contest just after his wife was released from detention well this is beyond concerns that they were coerced into a prison crimes they didn't commit is was discussed as more the leader of georgia's own position conservative party mr cathy carver joins me live from tbilisi many thanks for being with us here on r.t. mr carver let's talk us through the chronology of all this person has three photographers the knowing the charges one of them protested hours on
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a hunger strike and then suddenly a confession a conviction and it all ends with a suspended sentence what do you things happening here. yes this is a story unfortunately in georgia and you know all the you reported he wrote all the faith healing short investigation and this investigation had nothing with justice first of. all this investigation was secret and no information was given no two made the lawyers because of the legal reasons the information involved state secrets and nobody knows until now. already today you know these reporters were already released nobody knows in the world concretely there where charles dean. is for their testimony when.
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themselves as. charged and is guilty. when the only against all of the defendants against all the people who were arrested will they own to stephenie's and there is not right now the only. case. these people know any written documents no any independent witnesses no any other readers this is for our own why these people are calling it you know probably campuses all these cases that probably for example one reporter for the record to restrict it in is was arrested with his wife and they were brought to prison. by a clip from the house. and you can imagine men where he hears. his wife from the next sale. or any charges which we have
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presented by the prosecutor's office as for mr abdul as you mentioned that he was trying to striking and only after physical and psychological pressure. our own team during more than one week let's talk through the accusations actually being levied against the street photography they were accused of causing data on too much is president too gosh intelligence meetings that should ease schedules being among things secret. society all the accusations. i do know there is. aspects of this case first political for mr starr. it is asian in in favor of russia its main political ground zero is dollars taken for imposed because you know they just a month ago he raided the opposition my station infelicity and five people were
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killed and there is no any democratic process in the conflict but because of the picture fred said he started early in the western countries is interaction president he's never criticize like for example mr luker shingo or any other autocratic leaders because there is a logic if his entire russian he means that he's for democracy so for mr saakashvili is just necessity i do know twice or maybe three or four times the guard to declare a russian aggression or a new russian of asian or of russian spies it's a terrible. legal. cuckold i lead to restore a legal basis i also mention conservative policy and many thanks for speaking to us here are saying. well let's return now to our developing story this hour a huge bomb has exploded in the very center of norway's capital oslo damaging
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a parliamentary building including the prime minister's own face two people are reported to have been killed and at least eight injured but witnesses say dozens are lying in the streets covered in blood the prime minister against stuff is said to be safe a preliminary report suggests it was a car while but some sources say the explosion took place inside the building of the ways is tabloid newspaper g the blast was so powerful that is all of the windows in the seventeen story building witnesses say the nearby all the oil ministry building also caught fire with thick smoke being seen coming out from the blog some reports suggest the blast was followed by a second police are evacuating surrounding buildings and searching the area for more explosives we you can always of follow the developments of this story on our.
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on the school dot com. ok recap our top stories coming your way in just a few minutes business update which immediately after a short break. great for the feel we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. you know welcome to the business of rupert murdoch's news corp has sold its seventy
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nine percent stake in russia's biggest appetites he was out or sells advertising on billboards public transport and other services in nineteen russian cities the investor and management buyout deal is said to be worth three hundred fifty million dollars experts say the real value is closer to two hundred seventy million due to company news corp has had its stake up for sale five years after the family decided to pull out of the russian market new owners say they plan an i.p.o. to recoup their investment. and take a look at the markets now crude returned into positive bird's territory that thousand buses are hoping for growing demand amid optimism europe and the us will be able to deal with the debt crises also the international energy agency says it works extending some reserve will supplies several light sweet is up thirty one cents greg thanks in two sets u.s. markets are trading mix the dow jones is down due to caterpillar announcing its the
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second quarter profits one almost to just one million billion dollars. share itself is down six percent this hour so euphoria from the bailout. actually you go away there for this take a look at what's happening in europe basically leaders of the e.u. empower their four hundred billion euro rescue fund to buy dead of stressed euro nations this is still providing support to london which is a point four percent of the bags point two percent this is to ten prevent the crisis from spreading to other members they also made detailed provisions for limiting damage if credit rating agencies declare a greek default and this is the closing picture for russia on friday and of the positive on the arts yes the noises down by just a notch most investors have decided not to go ahead with buying into stocks ahead of the weekend let's take a look at some of the big movers on the my sex role snap to manage to gain almost
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two percent as oil prices still remain quite high. however the other financial stocks is down two percent per bank is down more than one percent now nobody has an interesting stock it's up one point eight percent at the close as the company's in-store in talks to purchase a twenty five percent stake in germany's largest gas importer mark rubenstein for metropol ives these as investors are now shifting their attention from europe to the united states. or sort of positive open today basically on the back of their. euro zone package fresh aid package for greece approved yesterday and today we've seen the range bound trading with an up or tran but now with the last minute market gardeners looking around down resolution of their debt limit crisis situation which could calm as early as this weekend and that will certainly give on the markets more reason to rally and that's all the business for now we will be back in fifteen
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minutes time with an update i'll see that. measure disciplinary punishment. the. worst sued the penitentiary system transform a criminal into a law abiding citizen. should resume life behind bars on
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r.g.p. . culture is that so much of the taxpayer's money i mean even exist in a real train as a means of empire as the phone hacking scandal in the u.k. and also more victims and politicians look for cover all eyes are on the future of . morning news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are all today. in india she's available.


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